Selection Procedure

Registration of the candidates

 Responding to our advertisement and verbal information through our agents, different candidates enquire us regarding the demand placed by the Client. They are asked to visit our company and submit their information in the application form, along with CV and all other necessary documents. 
Initial Screening

On the basis of the documents submitted by the applicants, initial screening is done.

Pre-interview & skills test

The candidates shortlisted after the initial selection are called upon for pre-interview and skills test. The interview and the test are mainly focused to evaluate whether the candidates meet the specification set by the clients like language proficiency, qualification, experience, physical characteristics, ageetc. Skill testing is conducted by the Government approved independent institution.

Final interview

The candidates qualified in the pre-interview are again called for the final interview. Final interview is generally held in the presence of the representative from the Employer’s company, if the client feels necessary.
Medical Examination: The Candidates selected after the final interview are sent for medical examination.

Psychological test:

Verification test & background investigations: 

Final candidates’ list

 All the candidates qualifying the above tests are included in the final list. The documents of those candidates are forwarded to the client for the VISA process.