Recruitment Procedure


 1st we have to receive the following information from employer concerning their requirement of worker:

  • Exact Job Description
  • Required No of Candidates
  • Basic Salary
  • Job Starting Date
  • Other Terms and conditions if any

Legal Documents

If we can supply the workers as per employer details then Employer should send following documents.

  • Demand Letter
  • Power of Attorney
  • Employment Contract
  • Inter Party Agreement
  • Guarantee Letter


We will publish the WANTED notice to nationwide news paper and regional FM Radio Station. Most of thepre interview will be arranged at our branch office.

Pre-Selection Interview

We will do the pre-selection interview at the given place & time which mentioned on advertisement. Our managerial level person will do the pre-interview. Once we select, we will inform them that there will be final interview in Kathmandu so come within 7 days.

Arrival of pre – selected applicant in Kathmandu

Once the applicant arrived in Kathmandu we will arrange final interview and trade test as per instruction give my the Employer.

After interview we will get 3 category of the final selected applicant.

1.    Who has working experience and just need to give them short training.
2.    Who doesn’t have working experience and need to give them full training.
3.    Who doesn’t need training because they have applied for unskilled job.


We will start the training as per the categories. Training will be given as per the instruction given by the selection committee and training will follow accordingly. After 7 days we will see the progress of the trainee.

Forwarding the final list for visa application

After seeing the progress of training we will send documents to employer for visa application who are showing their confidence to work as per job description.